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Lithuanian MFA statement regarding actions in Syria

Created: 2018.04.14 / Updated: 2018.04.14 13:09

Lithuanian MFA supports actions by the US, UK and France against the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons facilities. Use of chemical weapons in Syria crossed all possible red lines. Those responsible for use of chemical weapons against civil population, including children, must be held accountable.

Military response of the international community needed to send a strong signal to Assad's regime and its supporters. It is the only way to prevent the use of chemical weapons in the future.

We are closely observing the ongoing developments in Syria.

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Lithuania firmly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within the borders recognised by the international community and condemns Syria’s decision to recognise the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) as “independent states”. This is a grave violation of Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and international law. We call upon the Government of Syria to carry out a policy underpinned by norms of international law rather than succumb to pressure from third countries and to repeal the decision without delay.

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