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Mr. President,

I have the honour to speak on behalf of the Baltic and Nordic States: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and my own country Lithuania. Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Poland align themselves with this statement.

With the global number of refugees and displaced persons reaching tens of millions of persons, including hundreds of thousands in Georgia, the urgency to address the needs and plight of those affected is more than evident.

The World Humanitarian Summit and UN summit for Refugees and Migrants held in 2016 have once again highlighted the crippling impact that protracted conflicts and continued displacement have on affected persons and communities, with serious repercussions at a regional and international level. Therefore we fully support the UN Secretary-General’s call for renewed efforts to prevent internal displacement, address its root causes and  support affected communities.

This resolution commits us all to continue working for the protection and assistance to those who have been forcibly displaced from the Abkhazia and Tskhinvali/South Ossetia regions of Georgia.  

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Mr. President,

Let me thank the Director General of the IAEA for his presentation of the Agency’s annual report and an update of its activities in 2016. Lithuania has co-sponsored the Resolution on the Report of the International Atomic Energy Agency which reaffirms the indispensable role of the Agency with regard to non-proliferation, use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes as well as nuclear verification, safety and security.

Lithuania aligned itself with the statement delivered by the European Union yesterday.

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Mr. President,

Today we adopted an important resolution on the consequences of Chernobyl nuclear disaster, one of the biggest disasters in human history.  Thirty years after the accident we can still witness the long term nature of Chernobyl’s impact, with humanitarian, environmental, social, economic, and health consequences. We appreciate the efforts of the international community to mitigate the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Solidarity of regional and global partners in the face of such accidents is crucial.  

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2016 11 17 afganistanos debatai UNGA.JPG

Mr. President,

Let me start by thanking our German colleagues for their excellent work on the resolution on the situation in Afghanistan, which my delegation has cosponsored. Lithuania aligns itself with a statement delivered on behalf of the European Union.

We welcome the successful conclusion of the Brussels Conference in October this year. It renewed the partnership for prosperity and peace between the Government of Afghanistan and the international community, and endorsed the Afghan Government’s ambitious reform agenda. Our collective commitment to Afghanistan over the next four years is critical to ensure that Afghanistan stays on the path to political and economic stability.

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Mr. Chairman,

Dear colleagues,

I have the honour to introduce today draft resolution A/C.2/71/L.21 entitled "Cooperative measures to assess and increase awareness of environmental effects related to waste originating from chemical munitions dumped at sea", which has been sponsored by all Member States of the European Union, Monaco and San Marino.   

This resolution is a follow-up to the Resolution 68/208 adopted in this Committee by consensus on 20 December 2013 and subsequently, by the General Assembly.

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Madame Chair,

Lithuania’s position on conventional arms is fully reflected in the statement of the European Union delivered last week. In my national capacity I would like to underline few additional aspects.

Madame Chair,

The massive illicit flows of arms and ammunition as well as lack of the effective control fuel conflicts, exacerbates violence and impedes development. An easy access to conventional weapons facilitates spreading terra by various armed and criminal groups.

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